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Not long ago, mention terms like virtual sets, virtual video, and 3D virtual reality film making to people in the corporate, industrial and training world, and their eyes would momentarily glaze-over with visions of the amazing computer generated virtual effects in big-budget Hollywood movies. But soon reality would set in, and the conversation would quickly change from what they would “like to do”, to what their budgets could

Things have changed.

Technology has a way of migrating downward, and sophisticated digital film making techniques, pioneered 20 years ago by companies like George Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magic, are now within reach of the rest of us.

With its new Virtual Studio, TAYLOR Studios brings affordable, virtual video production to Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Now, corporate, industrial, and training video producers will have the freedom to make the projects they’ve always wanted to, not just the projects they could afford.

2,000 sq. ft. Custom Designed Virtual Studio
corner cyc and 3 wall configurations
ceiling-mounted KinoFlo Lighting

3D Camera Tracking and Match Motion
steadicam, dolly & track, boom, crane

SD and HD camera packages
720p, 1080p and 1080i.

High Definition Edit Suite:
Mac Pro Quad Xeon 64-bit workstation
30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display
HD in 24p, 720p, 1080p and 1080i
Virtual video compositing
SD video tape to 1080p HD up-conversion

2D and 3D Virtual Sets
Stock set background for sale or rent
Custom virtual set design & production





Green Screen Studio Shooting with Virtual Reality Set Design and Compositing

Blue Screen Video Production In-Studio with Real-Time Virtual Set Background

Commercial Video Shoot in Virtual Studio with complete Lighting and Grip Support


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