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Having a great script, spectacular graphics, and gorgeous video footage means nothing until they are all brought together in the edit suite.

At TAYLOR Studios, our editors are not just “button pushers”. They are an integral part of our creative team. They understand your project, and your objectives. Our state-of-the-art, all digital video editing suites give them the tools to transform your vision into reality.

All the video editing capabilities we have developed for our internal projects are also available to outside producers at very competitive rates

MAC and PC non-linear editing stations

Final Cut Pro HD, Motion, Premiere Pro

After Effects, Vegas, NewTek VT 5

Speed Edit, LightWave 3D

High Definition Edit Suite:

Apple Mac Pro Dual-Quad Xeon 64-bit workstation

30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display

HD in 24p, 720p, 1080p and 1080i

2K and 4K digital film editing and virtual set animation and compositing

SD video tape to 1080p HD upconversion

Video Tape formats supported:


MiniDV , Digital 8mm, SVHS , 3/4 inch



Digital Video Workstation Software Timeline for Editing, Compositing and Mastering during the Film Post Production and Video Post Production Processes

Professional Motion Picture Film and Video Production Graphics and Titling in SouthEast Wisconsin

Expert Color Correction, Color Grading and Time Remapping performed in Digital Video Workstations


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Q) What is a Video Editing System?

A) In contemporary terms, video editing and film editing are purely digital processes accomplished by utilizing personal computer technology, highly evolved software applications, and mass storage devices.

In stark contrast to "old school" film editing where actual film clips were physically spliced together, and the former techniques of video editing whick utilized multiple videotape players and a video editing recorder to compile scenes, the current paradigm of digital video workstation technology appears much simpler. Yet the inherent capabilities of the newer systems allow all manner of production value up to and exceeding that of the finest Hollywood movie post-production.

A professional digital video workstation will feature the ability to manipulate video and sound in myriad ways. Standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) are now the baseline of image quality. 2K and 4K resolution editing and post-production have just recently become available here at TAYLOR Studios in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Q) What are some of the tape formats in use for video production and video editing?

A) There are many video tape and audio tape formats in use at the present time:

Standard definition (SD) is typified by regular broadcast/cable programming and reflects the detail afforded through the use of professional analog video formats such as 1", MII and BetaCamSP. Digital SD Video tape formats include Digital BetaCam, DVCam, DVCPro and mini DV. Examples of consumer analog SD formats are VHS and 8mm videotape. Consumer digital cameras are now recording to mini DV, Digital 8mm, rewritable DVD media and internal hard disk.

High definition (HD) tape formats currently in use are all digital. Among the professional formats are JVC HDV (using miniDV tape stock), Panasonic DVCPro HD, Sony XDCam and HDCam.

Q) Isn't tape recording becoming obsolete?

A) Although video tape and audio tape have been used for several decades as the standard way of storing video production footage and audio recording session assets, in the past 4 years there has been an increasing migration to data storage on hard drive, optical disc and solid-state memory devices such as compact flash and the Panasonic P2 format.

In late 2006 and early 2007, TAYLOR Studios completed principle shooting for the independent film production "Assassins Reunion". The digital high definition raw footage was recorded entirely to P2 storage cards and computer hard disk. All asset archiving was done using DVD-9 and Blu-ray writable media. The "digital film" editing and special effects compositing were greatly facilitated by the inherent non-linear characteristics of tapeless storage.



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