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Tell us
    your message
      your audience
        your budget
  We’ll take care of the rest!

Videos that Inform, Sell, Motivate.

Every company, every organization has a story to tell. We’re good story tellers because we’re good listeners. We take the time to learn about your business, your organization, your customers, your mission. We then deliver your message to your audiences with the highest possible production values at the lowest possible cost.

Training Videos that inform AND motivate.

We hear clients say: "It doesn't have to be that good. It's just a training video." We disagree.
It's not enough to just "demonstrate" how to perform a process. You also need to show the value of doing it right!

Web Videos

Today, online videos can put your message in front of audiences for pennies per view. But if you can't effectively tell your story in 3 minutes or less, no one's going take the time to watch. We know how to make web videos that work.

Business Meetings

We take the same approach to producing business meetings as any other production. We begin with your expected outcome, and work to develop the content and create a presentation environment that will best achieve your objective.

To learn more about what FRESH COAST Productions can do for your business or organization, please visit:

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