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Crews _ Camera Rentals _ Lighting & Grip
Production Management & Support
Production Studios _ MultiMedia Services

818 N. 109th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53226

FRESH COAST Production Resources is your single-point-of-contact for production crews, film and video camera rental, lighting and grip services, post-production, production management and production support in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Don’t put your production (and your reputation) in the hands of strangers. With more than 30 years of producing film and video in Wisconsin and Illinois, you can trust FRESH COAST to provide you with the most qualified and trusted film and video professionals in the Midwest.

Every crew person we assign to your project – from DP to PA is someone we have personally worked with and have full confidence in. Every piece of equipment, from a simple camera package to a broadcast production truck, comes from our list of trusted suppliers. And none of our crew people “register” or pay a fee to get on our “list”. We choose them.

Tell us what, where, and when you’re shooting, and we will assemble just the right combination of crew and equipment to meet your production requirements and budget.

Visit our official website destination:

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Fresh Coast, Ltd.
818 N. 109th Street
Milwaukee WI 53226


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