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TAYLOR Studios is a full service video production, graphic design and multimedia company.

Our investment in the most up-to-date digital video, high definition (HD) video taping, video editing and multimedia authori
ng technology insures every project will be produced to the most exacting quality standards.


The RALPH PABST Co. can help you maximize the potential of todays media technology with creative services, scriptwriting, consulting and meeting planning, to insure your message reaches your audience in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.


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Wisconsin Video Production Connection provides corporate video, broadcast television and Indie Film producers around the country with on-location production support in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

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TAYLOR Pro Audio/Video offers digital audio recording, video equipment sales and service, equipment rental, video lighting and grip and meeting staging services.

In Milwaukee and Wisconsin, the TAYLOR name means excellence in video and film production.


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Wisconsin Video Production facilities - corporate packages; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, promotional CDs, DVD trade show videos 

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Q) Is there an overall explanation of the video and film production process?

A) The video production process can be divided into three main areas:


The pre-production phase entails everything dealing with initial concept, design, scriptwriting, storyboarding, location scouting, talent search/casting, production planning and scheduling. Suffice it to say that this is the most critical stage of any project. Without proper attention to details before ever opening the lens of the camera, the success of the final edited program will be compromised.

Production includes all matters and actions regarding the film or video shooting sessions. Strict attention needs to be paid to lighting design, audio recording and dynamic camera manipulation including dolly & track, steadicam, motion control, etc.

Post-production is the process of digital video editing, audio re-recording, sound fx (foley) generation, soundtrack scoring, voice-over recording, audio mixing/mastering and the inevitable compositing of all of these digital audio and digital video elements.

Q) What is meant by the term "Production Value"?

A) In essence the phrase "production value" refers to the complexiity of the film producition or video production. It's practical to divide multimedia produciton value into three broad categories:

Low Production Value
Medium Production Value
High Production Value

Low Production Value is commonly thought of as "bare-bones" in nature. Single-camera shooting, basic screen direction, minimal graphics and "cuts only" editing are all endemic to the sort of programs made for training videos, seminars and the like. Standard Definition SD formats are generally acceptable for this mode of work. JVC miniDV, Sony DVCam or PanasonicDVCPro are examples of common video format technology.

Medium Production Value could include multi-camera angles, more complex screen direction, and some "special effects" transitions between scenes. Graphics elements may include 2D and possibly some 3D animations. 16mm film and High Definition (HD) Video are typically the baseline formats used here. JVC HDV, Sony XDCam, and Panasonic DVCPro HD formats exemplify the technology used.

High Production Value generally refers to the complex and expensive techniques employed to produce the finest that a "Hollywood Movie" might offer. These can include "green-screen or blue-screen virtual sets" , camera motion-control, 3D character animation, match moving, "bullet-cam" and the like. Most certainly High Production Value includes the implementation of 35mm film or the new 2K and 4K resolution RED Digital Cinema video camera.

It should be noted that any film footage is transferred to a digital video format prior to editing. Digital Video Editing is the paradigm for virtually all of the multimedia post-production done in the world today.

Q) How is video production distributed to the end user?

A) The most common "hard copy" formats are DVD for standard definition SD duplication and Blu-ray DVD for high definition HD duplication. Digital Cinema distribution is typically 2K or 4K resolution via satelite downlink to theatres.

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