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  • "Simply the Finest in Audio Recording, Film and Video Production Services"
  • TAYLOR Studios is the recording studio in Milwaukee WI catering to the musical art forms of classical and jazz music.

    In the Milwaukee area, TAYLOR Studios, Ltd. represents the most capable recording studio experience. With a nearly 2000 sq. ft. soundstage, recording a choir or an orchestra is totally feasible. Our isolation booth is oversized and allows comfortable overdubbing with simultaneous performances from up to 6 individual vocalists or musicians.

  • In addition to our fine audio recording studios, TAYLOR Studios offering world-class mixing and mastering.

    TAYLOR Studios has the latest recording studio equipment technology. We feature the finest high-end recording, mixing and mastering software and hardware. We specialize in creating a fully professional sound from any recorded audio performance.

  • Fine musicians, fine instruments and excellent recording studios and recording equipment are all part of the TAYLOR Studios music production environment.

    Recording musical instruments to the highest degree of excellence requires a thorough knowledge of the diverse methods available. TAYLOR Studios engineering expertise reflects just such knowledge and experience. The more than three decades of operation as Milwaukee's premiere audio recording studio service support our claim of being true experts in the field.

  • Fine piano recording combines the best recording studio facilities with ta great concert grand piano instrument. TAYLOR Studios offers both of these.

    No recording studio is complete without a fine acoustic grand piano. Our concert class 7'6" handmade Shigeru Kawaii is an exceptional instrument. Jazz and classical pianists alike are always very pleased to have the opportunity to record their performances using this keyboard.

  • The engineers at TAYLOR Studios recording studio in Milwaukee are highly trained and experienced in all types of music and sound recording.

    Audio recording studio engineering is an art. We offer the highest level of capabilities along with the "people skills" needed to ensure a rewarding experience for the recording musicians and record producers who utilize our facility.

  • The professional recording studios in Milwaukee operated by TAYLOR Studios, Ltd. are capable of the best vocal recordings in the Milwaukee area.

    The TAYLOR Studios recorded sound is as good as it gets. Major Label audio recording quality is an everyday result of the processes we possess and employ.
    Why not consider bringing your next recording project to us?

Recording Studio Milwaukee:

TAYLOR Studios, Ltd.
818 N. 109th Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53662

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TAYLOR Studios impressive capabilities for music production include the astounding Shigeru Kawai SK-7 7'6" Concert Grand piano. This fabulous instrument is most certainly one of the finest pianos in the Milwaukee area.

Whether the recording studio project represents classical, jazz or pop music, the Recording Studio in Milwaukee for the finest in technical equipment and musical instrumentation is TAYLOR Studios, Ltd.
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The Recording Studio workflow is greatly facilitated when acoustic drum setup-miking-tuning can be optimized. The utilization of the highest quality virtual drum kit eliminates 98% of all time spent achieving a world-class drum sound for recording.

TAYLOR Studios offers the latest flagship V-Drum system from Roland. The TD-30 KV equipment pictured here is absolutely the most efficient and finest sounding technical solution for drum recording ever devised.
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For professional studio recording, nothing can compare with world-class sound isolation. TAYLOR Studios is proud to feature a 12' x 8.5' vocal booth for intimate sound recording needs. This "room within a room" is large enough to accommodate more than 4 individual performers simultaneously. The size is perfectly suited for those acoustic instruments and musicians requiring controlled silence while doing solo tracking or overdubbing.

The room features triple-wall construction for excellent isolation from control room. The interior has sound diffusion and sound deflection panels to minimize audio reflections and standing waves.