The TAYLOR Studios, Ltd. Film Apprenticeship Program is extremely limited. This is a necessity in order to ensure that the film production, video production and multimedia content creation training and hands-on experiences are of the greatest benefit to the students.

The Film Apprenticeship Program is a fee-based offering. Given the sheer comprehensive nature of this unique 'film school' training circumstance, pricing is remarkably attractive. A partial stipend provided by TAYLOR Studios, Ltd. is offset with reciprocal services provided by the film-video production student/apprentice on actual professional production assignments.

Only a handful of people will be accepted and allowed to participate during the calendar year.

Enrollment began in January 2009 and is a continuing endeavor with Film Apprenticeship trainee/student acceptance and program commencement provided on a purely individual basis.

Students will be required to reside in the Southeastern Wisconsin area for the duration of the 12 month program. All attributable costs for the apprenticeship training program as well as personal arrangements, housing, etc. are the sole responsibility of the student-trainee-apprentice.

Details about the candidate requirements and apprenticeship program fee can be learned by calling us with your inquiry.
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