TAYLOR Studios, Ltd has been providing fine electronic cinematography, film and video production, audio recording, graphics design, 3D animation, special effects, color correction and CD DVD Blue-ray mastering in Milwaukee Wisconsin since 1982.
In this business there is no more accurate truism than this cliche. Simply put, most video production, film production and multimedia content creation companies don't hire novices for important positions in their workflow. The Film Apprenticeship at TAYLOR Studios, Ltd. solves the issue by providing the experience, teaching the instruction, offering the education and promoting the business contacts that can ultimately result in a successful film - television - media industry career.

Opportunities offered include:
Lighting Design
On-location film-style shooting
Multi-camera studio production
3D Computer Animation
Virtual Set and Green Screen Compositing
Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering
Graphic Design & Layout
Blu-ray Disc Authoring