High-end film and video production finishing including color-correction, color-grading, video compression and audio mastering are provided by Milwaukee Wisconsin's own TAYLOR Studios, Ltd.
Film production film school, filmmaker's apprenticeship - learn mastering and authoring in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
Mastering and authoring for film & video productions are learned at film school Filmmaker's Apprenticeship in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
Once the film's final edit is completed and married to the completed audio soundtrack mix, the process of mastering is undertaken.

Mastering is the finishing or "finalizing" of the digital film program just prior to authoring for filmout or digital distribution.

TAYLOR Studios, Ltd. is well known for high level expertise in this area and the focus of professional mastering for film and video production is taught in-depth as part of the Filmmaker's Apprenticeship learning curriculum.
Color Grading, also know as color correction, is a major post-production process utilized after the movie is edited.

TAYLOR Studios utilizes the most up-to-date software-hardware workstation systems for the processes involved in color grading.

Filmmaker's Apprenticeship participants get instruction and hands-on learning in this critical area of film and video production finishing and mastering.