The Filmmaker's Apprenticeship program provides extensive hands-on training and experience in camera operation, videography and cinematography.
Learn camera operation, focus-pulling, depth-of-field techniques, framing and composition using the latest Red Digital Cinema 4K camera systems.  TAYLOR Studios, Ltd. is the only video and film production facility in Milwaukee Wisconsin with 2 complete Red One camera rigs.
Professional Video Produciton in Milwaukee Wisconsin is provided by TAYLOR Studios, Ltd.
Cinematography is the art of making motion pictures. The cinematographer, or DP (director of photography) is the primary practitioner of the film production art form.

The DP is charged with translating the director's visual specifications into the screened video or film image.

As second only in importance to the director, the DP works very closely with all technical crew and craft personnel on the video production or movie set to ensure the successful realization of the director's objectives.