Milwaukee Wisconsin's foremost film and video production facility is proud to announce the formation of a truly vanguard program for the individual aspiring to work in the video, film and television production fields. TAYLOR Studios, Ltd. is accepting apprentice students willing to learn what it takes to do high quality, high production value work.

This is a film school education forged from the involvement with seasoned professionals who do the business of moviemaking everyday. The student is immersed in actual film and video production in a studio facility with over a quarter century track record of excellence.
TAYLOR Studios, Ltd has been providing fine electronic cinematography, film and video production, audio recording, graphics design, 3D animation, special effects, color correction and CD DVD Blue-ray mastering in Milwaukee Wisconsin since 1982.
Learn film and video production on a professional shooting studio soundstage.
Taylor Studios, Ltd. in Milwaukee Wisconsin is the place to pursue a career in film production and video production.
In film production, video production and multimedia content creation, only the experienced creative individual is of paramount value to the employer or client. The Film Apprenticeship provides the "on-the-job" work experience coupled with instruction and mentoring from some of the finest talents in the Midwest. Successful completion of the program culminates with valuable project credits, "demo reel" credentials and the absolutely essential business contacts needed to enter the industry.

This Apprentice Program is designed to be the effective, affordable alternative to formal academic study and provides the necessary real-world hands-on experiential training that really is the best way to learn this craft.

On the ensuing pages of this website you will get a taste of the areas covered in the training.

Please don't hesitate to call us to discuss the opportunity in detail.